How NOT to Get A Research Position

This is the negative argumentative fellow chem major who tried to put me down when I asked a question, even though the only way he was able to answer was to send me like 8 pages out of a book.

Then he proceeded to admit that he’s on academic probation, but then acts like he’s going to become a TA, which is a grad student position.

He’s got big dreams of getting a PhD in chem, but barely passed organic, or any of the required major courses in fact!

So he sends me this email, telling me that this is what he sent to one of Ualbany’s most popular chemistry lab instructors to try to get in.

I told him his mistakes are: first of all, Dear professor? It sounds right off the bat that this letter is a generic email he sends all professors.

Next, he says he’s a transfer student from fall 2017… like idk if you need to include that, you’re fully ingratiated now. (That’s tit for tat though).

“Someone from the Atmospheric Science department prof….” are you serious with this sentence? You’re already on thin ice with the generic sounding greeting, now you start typing like you’re actually talking? Then he said that this teacher asked him to browse and look for research labs who are doing research that he’s interested in. NOT THAT HE ACTUALLY WAS INTERESTED IN A TOPIC SHES CURRENTLY RESEARCHING.

Then he says, he would appreciate the chance to talk to this professor about her research topic which is a good sentence.

“I’m looking to do research in fall or spring.” That belongs in the beginning of the letter, not the end.

It doesn’t look like this kid is really even thinking about doing research and just asked because I told him that all grad school is is research and the more research experience you get, the better your chances are for grad school especially with a horrible GPA and possibly a shitty GRE score cause like how can you expect to get an AMAZING score if you can’t even do well in classes.

Well this kids is an example of what NOT to do. Don’t be like this guy. Spell check!! And if you truly want to take part in research, let that be known in your email!



So as I stated in previous posts, I will be moving up to Albany for the next year…

I say “for the next year” because I already feel that I will transfer once my lease is up.

Educationally, I hope I’m making the correct choice. After a practically perfect 2 years at Dutchess, I fear that I will not have classmates as goal-oriented and as focused as I am.

I’ve been speaking to lots of incoming and past transfer students, some in my major, and they just don’t seem very encouraging.

People trying to scare me with organic chemistry, physics, and calculus horror stories. The three classes I will be starting this semester. These same people on academic probation trying to tell me how I should be scared.

I know these courses aren’t going to be a walk in the park (which is why I outlined the first 7 chapters of organic, and already taught myself derivatives), but being a supportive classmate instead of being a 100% Debby downer is not the type of shit I want to be around.

I see this as obviously people who aren’t as educationally focused as I am. With no good tips on the actual course itself except “it’s all hard”, “people with the best grades fail this class”, “I don’t do extra credit because failure is a part of success” is just the craziest things I’ve ever heard.

I can see myself just hanging out with myself for the year especially if I don’t get into a lab group! But we’ll see. I’ll reserve my judgement for now.

I’m weirdly excited to take organic chemistry and physics and calculus!!!

Hopefully my excitement remains during the school year, but just teaching myself things like vectors and applying trig to vectors is so exciting.

I’m really going to enjoy the applied mathematics part of physics!

I really can’t wait to be able to apply calculus to physics. That will be pretty fun.

I’m a nerd, leave me alone!

I talked to my advisor today about possibly going into a combined degree program and earn my masters in one additional year after getting my bachelors degree.

That’s what the fuck I’m talking about!!!

Soon, I’ll be Dr. Gaye!!! (With a bunch of student loans!)

What the fuck is up with this formatting? Shit!

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The announcement…

I will be attending the university of Albany for the Fall 2018 semester, and Chemistry will be my major.

I am super excited to be apart of the Albany Community. There’s so much going on in our state’s capital, I believe it’s the perfect landing spot for me!

With the help of family and friends, I will be looking for housing and getting myself oriented.

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