No Meter

I want to languish away the day
with you, my habitual hermit.
we can waste our weekends
in bed watching documentaries,
Smoking weed,
eating weird foods,
and falling asleep.

It’s a two person gig
these hermit habits of mine,
spooning all through Bowling for Columbine.
being in bed all day,
only get up to chase jehovah’s witnesses away.



Get Over Thyself. 

You helping could’ve lead to something. I’m saying that mad loosely, but it could’ve. I didn’t even ask… because I got help. So don’t text me the next day asking what I wanted, and then getting mad because of my intentions.

If someone needs help, they can hit up someone they don’t want to have sex with. Hell, I was asking everyone I knew in Poughkeepsie. Lol

…makes little to no sense


Sometimes we’ve had sex, but we’re still virgins. For instance, someone I know posts a lot on his social media, mostly about relationships. This nigga is 29 years old and posts shit like this:

This nigga reminds me of the virgin I almost fucked before I realized that I would get a nigga too clingy, and dropped back.

Get over yourself. If someone’s hating on you, why even waste the time to care? Move on. 

I broke 110lbs for the first time in about 6 years. If I could break 115, I’d would be happy. As long as all the weight goes where it’s supposed to.

Writer’s Block

I need a muse to begin with.
Some catastrophic whirlwind 
allowing my thought’s appearance.
unfiltered, unchanged,
no acquiescence or doubt
in what i am saying.

I want to confuse my depression
to make it difficult for you to
analyze what I’m really expressing;
give it justice.

Development arrested,
to get this out my head and
put it down so completely
that i myself would feel complete.
It’s a dream, whatever
to drop punchlines
to sound clever
to get this out of my head
and put it down so completely
so Someone Who Isn’t Me
could understand.

What Would (Your Name) Do?

Ever Seen something that you really want to explore, but never really can because it’s so far away.

you got a ticket to the exploration, but it’s blocked off, maybe under construction. 

Do you wait til it’s ready, or go explore something else?