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Driver’s Seat.

Better yield before you turn left.
Look in your blindspot,
and dont go over the speed limit.
Never forgo your right of way.
At any chance to get to your destination, drive.

I Broke my fucking one hitter…

This one only costed like $4 so I’m not completely angry. I was on the phone for close to 4 hours And I had A DRINK. A fucking mikes mango, and I still can’t handle my shit. I should be ashamed.
So yesterday…

anyway, the first one, like I felt weird a lot of the time. I felt like someone would walk by or in and see us there or something. Idk I’m not paranoid, I knew ain’t nobody coming there, but it was still weird.

he made a very straightforward statement which I respect. But lol wtf. First date. Idk.

In my system of threes, he is at a .667 when he was at a .83 before. IS THIS STRIKE ONE OR STRIKE TWO?! I’m dead. Shoutout to Sean Paul, how the fuck are you Jamaican.

I don’t even know if there will be another. Idk. Idk. Idfk. Back to allowing the white man colonize my vagina.

Speaking of the white man, this nigga!!! Omg I actually have a lot more fun talking to ray than I do that other negro. (I’m just going to be straight. I was nervous, but I wanted to get outta there.)

We’re friends so the fact that there aren’t obligations are great. I don’t like feeling obligated. That Fucking gets you a .667 K. Stay with me.

Pure FUCKING Africa, he’s sexy as shit… but his dick game gets me depressed because it’s so pathetic. 
Idk. I don’t want coins, I need change.

i need to not get so lit.