Exactly why it’s best for you to keep your fucking grabber shut tight and stop telling people what they want out of the “relationship”‘s they have with others.

I was told by the same individual who actually posted this for everyone to see on social media that I only date people that don’t challenge me enough.

Dude hardly knows my ass, and really wants to pass judgement on who I decided to share my vagina with. It’s obvious jealousy.

Pretty sad, because when we first met, he said that if I was monogamous, he would have to make me his girlfriend like I didn’t have a say in that decision and that it’s just open and free that I would want to be with him.

I swiped on you because I was trying to change my “type” of person I was dating all the time, at that time. But now, I just realize that that doesn’t matter.

So, you’re an ass! Go away.

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