Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with Varon the Don. Me and V the D got Mexican food and alcohol and drank some good as wine, and a really horrible one called LaParka which I will never ever get a bottle of again.

We had a lot of fun. I enjoyed his company.

Tonight, I have some plans, but we will see. Homeboy doesn’t sound really serious, but either way, I’ll have some fun.


Tetrazine derivatives

So I wake up early to go to Biochemistry, and the bus decides that it doesn’t need to come at 8 am. It came at 8:25 and my class starts at 8:45. Needless to say, I will he late to this class after skipping two lectures (one excused, the other one, not so much).

Anyway, today I have to speak to Max about what I will be doing this semester.

I wanna ask him if I could make tetrazine. Muhahaha! or maybe a derivative and watch someone do it.

I failed a quiz. I love advanced orgo. It doesn’t count. I need more organic chemistry in my life.


Creeper on the bus kept staring at me and shifting his seats.

Fucking whiteguy. Idk why I’m so hyper vigilant in my old age, but he looks like the type of deranged white mother fucker that would shoot up the bus.

Lmfao. But not funny. This shit could really happen.


Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter and 7 others died yesterday morning in a helicopter crash.

Kobe meant a lot to me, as a black person. He had the mentality that I wish more of us had. He was always about making himself a better person.

This was a hard loss for millennials. We watched him grow up in front of our eyes.

He was 41 years old.

Rest In Peace, Kobe.

Pick line pick

I was in the damn ICU since Wednesday. Wonderful start of the semester but I got shit to do this weekend.

Fuck DKA. I don’t even know how it happened, but it won’t happen again. I’m changing sites every mother fucking day.

I will Cut My Nose To Spite My Face

Deadass, I’m a vindictive little bitch and I love to cause controversy.

That’s why I might vote for Donald Trump if the fucking democrats wanna play.

Okay, I honestly will not vote for him. But I always just want to because I HATE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR THINKING. They love candidates that are JUST. LIKE. REPUBLICANS.

That’s why I call them Diet Republicans.

That’s exactly what they are.

So fuck these bitches!

I’m writing in. Omit my vote ho. I’m done with the deplorable DNC. I see a mass exodus soon, and not to the republicans. (I can’t stand them equally the same, but I never expect to).


Sorry, the opportunity arose where I hung out with someone I knew. Plus, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TEXT THE PERSON THE DAY OF!

ROOKIE. It doesn’t hurt to say, are you still up to hang later? It would’ve helped him to not waste his time.

So I just spent last night fucking more physicists. He did a good job this time! I’m trying to train him!

He was brave enough though. That’s all I can ask.

We were literally here for fucking hours. Longer than I would hangout with most I’d say. He’s interesting And has a good sense of humor.

And his cock is pretty fat. Not even gonna lie. He eats the poon good too. I’m just being honest.

I just woke up at noon. I might go back to sleep. This is wack. That’s what I get for fucking physics all night biatch!

But he’s super hot. He’s got the biggest head in the world. And I’m taking his virginity one fuck at a time.

Tonight, I was supposed to hang with Alain and smoke… but we’ll see. It’s snowing. I’ve had enough action for the week.


Lol Alex

He can’t handle this. But I literally passed out with him right next to me.

I didn’t want to have sex, but I wake up a jerk off all the time so this time, he was there. I got three and went back to bed.

The first time was the best but he couldn’t stay. It’s cool though.

I might try to lurk later. Lol

That night, I was so annoyed at him. He was being too forceful. My roommates were awake and he was really trying to fuck. Like even I was like calm down!

It’s not sexy when you’re desperate.

Bernie or Bust.

Elizabeth Warren, wit your wrinkling old white ass down somewhere and stfu. I will not ever vote for her.

I got almost 500 likes and 150 retweets. First blockbuster tweet ever!

We’re over you, Democratic Party. This is the last time I will consider myself a democrat.

Little Trevie Poo

Lol, I’m a little relieved because I did a lot last night, but wtf does you moving have anything to do with anything? He’s too sensitive. I’m only trying to ride some thangs.

He’s weird! I was honestly scared that he would want to split the bill and shit and I don’t have cash for that ATM (I’m punning these niggas!)

But I need rest cause Jimbo and I are going to VT tomorrow. But I’m gonna chill in my undies drinking some Purp.


We had some sex. It was alright. I didn’t have an orgasm. He was a little larger than average. Not super though. Whatever.

We went out for breakfast this morning. Plan to see him again.

For Shorty McShortpants, I had to cut it short… LOL (pun absolutely intended). It wasn’t gonna go anywhere and I didn’t want him to get his hopes up.

So I put in my profile that I don’t like mini guys. 5’8 and taller bitch. And look like a man! Not a skinny little twig, and not fat.

Somewhere in the middle. Please!

And stop sending sexual shit over tinder. It reeks desperation.