Looks Episode 1

Ok, now that I talked about that… let’s rate the looks…

Brita filter

I like the colors of this, and the shoes! ❤️😍 girl. Her shape is on point. I have no complaints about it, I’d give it a 7,5
This was her spring runway look. The gown was beautiful. It had a rule insert that detaches. I liked the wig. It just wasn’t anything different. I give it a 5
fall look. I didn’t really like this at all. The hair was weird, the dress was… meh. Not runway worthy. I give it a 4.5

Nicky Doll

I like this look. Very Gautier inspired. Nicky is French so you can see the reference. I wish she wore a red shoe instead of a white shoe. I like the head piece and the hair. I give it an 8.
Spring look. I do not like the hair with this outfit. Her makeup is flawless. I love the colors… except that hair. I give it an 8.
This is chic as fuck. I love this look. It’s super androgynous and reminds me of an actual runway look. The hair, makeup and accessories go so well. This gets a 9.5

Widow Von’Du

Girllllllll, she betta du!! I was gagged. Her body (for a big girl) looked so good! Small waist, big behind, shapely. She’s sparkling in black too, which is hard to do! I give this a 7.
Spring. I liked this look on her. The color blocking is sexy! And the details, there’s a yellow swimsuit underneath the neoprene and yellow shoes! The hair is so cute. I give it an 8.5
Fall. I fucking LOVED this. I would wear something like this. When she first came out, it was a dress and she revealed a pants suit with a peplum. I love that neutral color and the wig went well with it. I kinda wish her eye make up was different, but this was good! I give it a 8

Jackie Cox

I’ve seen Jackie before on an episode of What Would You Do? She’s really campy and pulls her references from a lot of places. Mainly period looks. However, I do not like this at all. I get the mousecateer thing, but..I don’t like it. I give it a 4.
Spring. I love the retro glam. I could see myself wearing this too. It’s so cute! I like the green boots (but I’ve seen gear wear them in other looks). Her hair is everything! I give it a 7.5
Fall. I now see her point of view. Really high fashion ‘70s chic. The details here also… the orange lining and orange gloves. The yellow jacket and headband. I wish we could see her makeup. But I give this a 7.

Heidi N. Closet

Oh gosh. How do I even rate this… this is not a good look in my opinion. It looks like an old pimp’s coat converted into a business outfit. Her make up is not popping out as anything special. The hair is boring. I give it a 4,5
I do not like this at all. The makeup again is crunchy. The head piece was not stable and fell off. It was very tacky. I give it a 2.5.
This silhouette is everything! I love the hair with it too. She could lose the choker and those shoes aren’t my favorite. I give it a 6.

Gigi Goode

This is stunning. I totally see her point of view with this look. It’s really high fashion/editorial. I love the hair, and those boots… I need me a pair. I give this a 9.5
I can already tell that this is a put together queen. I’m feeling the motorcycle bitch fantasy! I love the color blocking, and the hair is cute. I give it an 8.5
I can tell that Gigi thinks of her looks as different characters she’s playing. The S&M equestrian is cute. I love the cut outs and pasties on the tartan. The color is cool. I give it a 7.5

Crystal Methyd

I like this! She’s obviously giving clown real ness. I look forward to her other looks, but I’ll give this a 6.5
I don’t really like this hair that much. I think a lavender wig may have pull this together a bit more, the mug is PAINTED GIRL!! but I will give this a 7.
This was my favorite fall look. The Freddy Kruger chic is it. I want that sweater! I need that sweater! The face is lovely. And the hair was made out of bandages! So good. 9.5

Sparkle runway:

Like I mentioned before, she pulls off a nice silhouette. Knows how to shape her body. The look is just really plain and a little boring. I’ll give it a 5.5.
This is also kinda plain. Though I love the shoulder piece. It’s beautiful. I just don’t like anything from the shoulder down. It looks unfinished. A corset and body suit should not be worn on the runway, her hair and makeup were gorgeous though. I’ll give it a 6.5
I love this! For a big girl she is serving it! I love the shape. How her hair matches the shoes and the eyeshadow. It’s really pretty. I give this a 9.
I don’t get the reference but I guess it’s from valley of the dolls. Idk, I love the accessories. And it’s nice to see Jackie not in a boot. I’ll give it a 7.
The dress is absolutely gorgeous. BUT… there are some problems with this look. The hair and makeup. They are not looking good, or matching the outfit. It cheapens it. I will give her a 4.5
For Gigi, I think this really fits her well and it’s beautifully made. I just don’t understand the helmet… I wish she gave us a slick back ponytail or short cut or something. The makeup is nice and the styling is great. I’ll give it an 8.
She’s giving me Him from the powderpuff girls. I love the idea. Her body looks great. The makeup is good. It looks a little like her spring look makeup. I don’t think the boots match. Maybe a thigh high boot might’ve helped a little. I’ll give it a 7.5

I will rate last episodes looks and the runway looks next week.

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