Episode 2 looks

Rock M. Sakura

entrance look. I think this is ok. The headpiece and hair kinda blend. It’s a little too much pink. Maybe blonde hair with this look would’ve broken it up a little more. I give it a 6.

Spring Look. Totally feeling the Hairjuku fantasy! this is good! The one thing I would change would be to put something on the back of the sleeve like a pink pattern or something. But this is an 8.5
Fall look. I don’t get fall too much from this, but I like everything but the shoes. The fit of the dress and the body looks good. It reminds me of Harry Potter or something but I give this a 7.5

Dahlia Sin

Entrance. I would definitely wear this! it’s really chic and high fashion. Everything looks fierce, but one thing I may change is the hair. I would’ve done an up do, but other than that, this is an 8.
Spring. Omg, this is great. She looked so good. The complementary colors really make this look pop. Her ass in this was perfect! I give it an 8.
Fall. 🙌🏾 I can see this coming down the runway for fashion week. Omg that hair!! Goddamn! 9.5

Jan (Sport)

I don’t really like this. It looks a little cheap like a dress I can get from Delia’s or something. I give it a 5 because her makeup is sensational. I don’t like the outfit or her hair.
Spring. I really don’t like this at all. You can tell the hair is a wig, and the top part of the dress is so plain. I give it a 4.
Now… this she is serving it! The color is great, but I wish she had green shoes or something to break up the black underneath. I’ll give her a 7.

Jaida Essence Hall

It’s a woman! Omg she is slaying with the off shoulder silhouette. The color is great. I love the hair and the makeup is perfect. I’ll give her an 8.5.
Now this is fierce but I have one issue… the tights cut the toes out of the tights so we don’t see a biscuit basket for a toe. But the cut outs and the silhouette look great on her. That hair is amazing too. I’ll give her an 8.
Fall. This however is underwhelming. It fits her well, but not very exciting. I’ll give it a 6.5.

Aiden Zhane

Entrance. Meh. This shows her point of view but you will see in the rest of her looks that she wears this fucking wig way too much. The vest thing is fierce. I’ll giver her a 5.5
Spring. I actually liked this. It’s super cute. I can totally see myself wearing this in the spring. But again, the fucking wig. She could’ve done a short wig like that in a blonde color or something. Maybe a brighter lipstick… something. I give it a 6.5
Fall. Again, the fucking wig. But the shall thing is just really ugly. I like the colors she used though. The socks/shoes are… um.. weird and the fact that she only has a body suit underneath. It looks unfinished. I’ll give it a 5.

Tulle runway

This was probably my favorite tulle runway. The silhouette was great. And that makeup is amazing. She looked large except in the waist, the waist is synched! I give this a 9
I do not like her hair with this. The makeup wasn’t great either, you can see her 5 O’clock shadow. There’s also a lot in the front and nothing in the back. I give this a 5.5
I get what she was trying to do with the double entendre. The shoes are cute and the earrings. I wish the hair was different. I give it a 7.
This dress is gorgeous! Her face is BEAT! The color is perfect. I’ll give it a 9.
I’m so glad she wore a different wig (finally) the dress is ok. It’s a princess style dress. The color is meh, ok. Her makeup is always wicked! I’ll give it a 7.

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