Vote For Joe Biden.

For those of us who don’t know our history, don’t worry. I looked it up to tell you about it.

In 1981, there was a life threatening disease going around called the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It became a pandemic with millions all over the world dying from the disease.

This disease effected what Regan considered “undesirables” (gay people, drug abusers and sex workers) so he didn’t do a thing about it. He didn’t even say the word ‘AIDS’ until his last term, when he said he would block AIDS patents from coming into the country.

Nothing was done to stop the spread of the disease until Bill Clinton came to office. For 12 years, gay people, and others effected by the disorder went to the steps of the White House to lay a quilt which represented their loved ones who died from the disorder.

Regan never attended. Bill Clinton was the first President to go and support those people.

Over 200,000 Americans died with AIDS before Clinton entered office and anything was done.

I fear the same with corona. Conservatives like to brush off pandemics because it hasn’t effected them or their families.

We need better leadership in times like these. I don’t want my love ones to struggle with this.

The only way is to vote Trump out. This is why I am reluctantly voting for Joe in November. Not matter what, you should too. Your life depends on it.

blacklivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter #gaylivesmatter #sexworkerlivesmatter

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