NBA is back bay bay

Lol I didn’t even edit it properly, but lol. Everyone thinks I’m going nuts Buddy Hield is sexy af.i just imagine him with a different personality (I don’t know buddy but he actually looks like someone I know and he’s also the same height. Way for the person I know to not make the nba. No skill. lmfao.

So wild takes… Sleeper Cinderella type Kong’s go off with my Buddy shooting like 27/26 on 3’s and dearon fox getting steals, okay.

Now… we must bow down to the goat 🐐 of basketball.

This young man, is a two time finals MVP… and people don’t realize his power. Nigga an android/robot. Cheat code to the ultra max.

This man knows how to play the mother fucking game of basketball. He’s an automatic bucket. I know he feels that way because if you’re too 5, you’re pretty good right now. Give the man a regular season MVP, but honestly, it’s the playoffs and championships that matter.

If he wins a championship in his prime again this year… he would have been walking fucking buckets. I have a feeling him and Toronto will be back soon. If they keep pascal and Kyle, he will come back.

Kawhi is in the prime of his career, and the sky is the limit. He might be like, idk, he went to college for like 2 years or something so he’s 2 years younger than me, grade wise anyway, so he’s like 28 or 29. He has one or two good chips left I think. But he could blow the NBA with PG 13. Paul George should really have a ring right now. He’s a great small forward and he’s comes back from injuries

PG is a future hall of gamer for sure. Kawai, the basketball robot?! I guess that’s what he’s always been described as to described trying to stop this man from getting a basket in. It’s hard to stop Kawhi, and what’s really good, he plays defense too!!!

We keep describing Lebron to Mike?! Nooooo. Kawhi is Mike. But he really isnt’ he’s ducking Kawhi!

So Clips vs. Raptors in the finals. It’s gonna go 7. I don’t even wanna say who. Maybe raptors in 7

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