Third Semster vs. first semester 

This very “extra” chick was going off in the middle of the campus walkway just now talking about someone is making her look like a bad person. This is the same chick who walked out of our bio exam yesterday, and disrupted lab by having an asthma/panic attack. I guess that’s not completely her fault, but what does make her a bad person is that she doesn’t shut the fuck up during trig! Maybe if you stayed quiet, no one will have fuel to call you a bad person. 


He’s The One.

It’s crazy how love hits you so completely.
This past 30 days has been amazing. We’ve had some bumps, but I really do love that Raymond and I could talk about absolutely anything and come to a solution.
That is what a partnership is, and I can honestly say that he is the best partner I could’ve ever dreamed of. He and I are a team, and I feel blessed to have him after all my horrible experiences.
I need to treat him good because he deserves nothing less. I need to help him through the rough times, like he’s helped me. I want to love and nurture him like he’s never been before. I want to be with him forever and grow. 
I know it’s super weird to say this so quickly, but sometimes you just know…
Raymond is perfect, and I love him more than he will ever know. 

Keeping me from falling down
into pieces just to breakdown.
i was blinded for forever.
the feeling is just not regular
I know what differences really mean.
the outside is just as perfect,
And that look in your eyes assured it.
if you take my lead
i can see
something beautiful in the end,
you and me.

You’ll be surprised by
a person who knows what
they are saying.
since there isnt a reason
to not know anything.
In the moment we
create something beautiful
its because we
know what we are doing.
some of our life’s work
is done in a pinch
within a small stretch of time.

I Broke my fucking one hitter…

This one only costed like $4 so I’m not completely angry. I was on the phone for close to 4 hours And I had A DRINK. A fucking mikes mango, and I still can’t handle my shit. I should be ashamed.
So yesterday…

anyway, the first one, like I felt weird a lot of the time. I felt like someone would walk by or in and see us there or something. Idk I’m not paranoid, I knew ain’t nobody coming there, but it was still weird.

he made a very straightforward statement which I respect. But lol wtf. First date. Idk.

In my system of threes, he is at a .667 when he was at a .83 before. IS THIS STRIKE ONE OR STRIKE TWO?! I’m dead. Shoutout to Sean Paul, how the fuck are you Jamaican.

I don’t even know if there will be another. Idk. Idk. Idfk. Back to allowing the white man colonize my vagina.

Speaking of the white man, this nigga!!! Omg I actually have a lot more fun talking to ray than I do that other negro. (I’m just going to be straight. I was nervous, but I wanted to get outta there.)

We’re friends so the fact that there aren’t obligations are great. I don’t like feeling obligated. That Fucking gets you a .667 K. Stay with me.

Pure FUCKING Africa, he’s sexy as shit… but his dick game gets me depressed because it’s so pathetic. 
Idk. I don’t want coins, I need change.

i need to not get so lit.

It might just be a defect,
that hour glass body and giamtic lips,
these are things we cant look beyond,
they are a handicap;
a mikd case of retardation.
No one gives a fuck about your brain cells!
your neck is more important.

Javale McGee

Obviously totally out of my league;
There you are Kevin Durant, and i’m just Javale McGee.
My lack of confidence is so easy to see;
all the while i’m shaqtin’ a fool when
My only real job is to set picks and screens
for you to run past.

i’m only worthy of coming off the bench,
as i make bad mistakes down the stretch.
in the fourth quarter when you’re in the groove with all those clutch plays,
i can really only cheer you on, cupcake.

I know I’ve never been the most amazing teammate,
And I”ve ruined a lot of plays,
but at the end of my days,
i will always remenber
the ring we won together,
and your desire to be the greatest
and getting the best out of me.